Courses For First Aid Training At Your Workplace

Based in the Sandfields area of Port Talbot, Hands on Training is a company that offers a lot of different health and safety first aid training courses. Port Talbot, Swansea and Newport, are just a few of the areas that they provide courses too, for people and companies that are located in the South West and South Wales.

All their course teachers are state registered paramedics, so you are provided the finest first aid training from an expert that will be able to teach you the correct techniques. You will also be able to take any of their courses on the weekend or in the night, if you are not able to attend in the day.

A course for first aid training that will allow you to act as a first aider work, is one of the courses that Hands on Training offers.

The skilled course teachers will teach you all the appropriate methods that can use in a work emergency, during this course which lasts for three days.

You will even acquire a certificate approved by HSE, but after three years you will have to to take a first aid training course again as the certificate is only valid for three years.

Some of the techniques that will be learning on this first aid at work training course are dressings, controlling bleeding, the priorities and basic life support.

All of the skills, from the courses that Hands on Training can provide, may turn out to be very significant as you will be able to act, and give first aid if required, in an urgent situation.



If you want training for first aid at work, then view the website, here.

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